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Web Design and Development Essentials

Successful web design and development requires a wide range of skills in multiple scripting languages, software applications, and methodologies. Author Rick Martin brings all of these together in one course to guide you through HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, and the processes involved in planning a successful website project. At the end of the course, you will be comfortable with developing functional, standards-compliant websites. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links below.


Course Overview
Software Applications Used
Cross Browser Compatibility

Hosting & Domain Names

Web Hosting
Domain Names & DNS


Elements & Attributes
Inline Elements vs. Block Elements
The DOCTYPE Declaration pt. 1
The DOCTYPE Declaration pt. 2
Quirks Mode
Meta Tags
Hyperlinks pt. 1
Hyperlinks pt. 2
Images pt. 1
Images pt. 2
Divs & Spans
Tables pt. 1
Tables pt. 2
Tables pt. 3
Comments & Conditional Comments

CSS Basics

CSS Placement pt. 1
CSS Placement pt. 2
Syntax & Types of Styles pt. 1
Syntax & Types of Styles pt. 2
Cascading pt. 1
Cascading pt. 2
Specificity pt. 1
Specificity pt. 2
Specificity pt. 3
Color Codes pt. 1
Color Codes pt. 2
The CSS Box Model
Styling Text
Styling Fonts pt. 1
Styling Fonts pt. 2
Styling Backgrounds
Padding & Margins
Horizontally Aligning Block Elements
Vertically Aligning Block Elements pt. 1
Vertically Aligning Block Elements pt. 2
Positioning & Overlapping pt. 1
Positioning & Overlapping pt. 2
Floating Elements pt. 1
Floating Elements pt. 2

PHP Basics

Overview pt. 1
Overview pt. 2
The php.ini File
Error Messages pt. 1
Error Messages pt. 2
PHP Variables pt. 1
PHP Variables pt. 2
Displaying Content in the Page
If/Else Statements pt. 1
If/Else Statements pt. 2
Numeric Arrays
Associative Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
The GET Variable
The POST Variable
Session Variables
Embedding External Pages
While Loops
Foreach Loops

MySQL Basics

MySQL Data Structure pt. 1
MySQL Data Structure pt. 2
Creating a Database
Creating Tables pt. 1
Creating Tables pt. 2
Editing Tables
Importing & Exporting


Input Element Types pt. 1
Input Element Types pt. 2
Form Accessibility
Form Layout
Form Styling pt. 1
Form Styling pt. 2
Form to Email

Using PHP with MySQL

Connecting to the Database
SQL Injection
Magic Quotes
Selecting Data
Displaying Data
Displaying Multiple Data Rows pt. 1
Displaying Multiple Data Rows pt. 2
Reusing a Query
Inserting Data
Updating Data pt. 1
Updating Data pt. 2
Deleting Data

JavaScript Basics

Adding JavaScript to a Document
Variables & Functions
Controlling Elements & Content
Detecting User Input pt. 1
Detecting User Input pt. 2
Moving PHP Data into JavaScript

Planning a Website

Website Goals
Target Audience
Research & Analysis
Assets & Organization

Graphic Design

Overview & Setup
Color Modes
Image Resolution & Size
Document Setup
Canvas Size
Page Background
Header & Content Backgrounds
Menu Background
Content Boxes pt. 1
Content Boxes pt. 2
Cropping & Exporting pt. 1
Image Formats pt. 1
Image Formats pt. 2
Cropping & Exporting pt. 2

Navigation Menus

Using Lists for Menus pt. 1
Using Lists for Menus pt. 2
Horizontal Menus
Centered Horizontal Menus

Assembling the Page

Basic Page Structure


Wrap Up


About the Author

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A series of lectures by David Malan from Harvard University the lectures are on building dynamic websites, there is also a series of projects involved with the course which you'll find some PDF files that you can download from the website


CSS tutorial site


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