Laptop keyboards

There are fundamental differences between desktop and laptop keyboards the numeric keypad is embedded into the alphabetical part of the keyboard and is activated by selecting the Num Lk button at the top of the keyboard, the Fn key is utilised with the other function or F keys and are used to add functionality such as toggling between internal and external displays as well as controlling screen brightness, turning off the touch pad adjusting the sound volume etc. Modern keyboards use a membrane rubber dome switch technology for modern keyboards on laptops so the keyboard is in one piece, the keyboards like most of the components with laptops can be specific to the individual make and model of computer and you should always check the serial number of the part to get the right replacement model when looking to purchase a replacement.

Fn key

Laptop keyboard replacement

Before starting any form of dismantling procedure with a laptop computer it's always advisable to unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery, you will first need to remove the cover plate above the keyboard so you need to check and remove any screws that might be attached to the plate from the underside of the computer and then after removing these you gently pry off the cover plate from the computer, visual inspection and a sense of feeling for any other obstructions while removing any part of the computer are essential practices to observe which will avoid damaging any of the various components, after the cover plate has been removed this should expose the keyboard where you will need to remove the screws at the top of the keyboard and lifting the keyboard up carefully you can then remove the ribbon cable from both sides this should release the keyboard, with this done it's simply a matter of inserting the ribbon cable of the replacement keyboard and re-inserting the screws and the cover plate back in the reverse order to how they were removed. It may be possible to buy a replacement keyboard by searching on the internet in places like E Bay etc. You will need to use the serial number which is usually printed on the back of the keyboard and search for it on the internet to find the best possible price and delivery service.

Troubleshooting keyboards

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The keys on laptop keyboards are designed to come off, you could use compressed air to clean out between the keys if any individual keys are stuck or causing problems or in some cases you can remove the keyboard and replace it if you can't find a fix to the problem. Check the lock buttons, scr Lk - scroll lock, num Lk - numbers lock, or the function Fn key plus any of the other function keys that help to perform secondary functions are not turned on causing any of the related problems, certain keyboard issues might well be that the numbers lock or any of the other combination of keys are creating the problem and can easily be remedied by checking the computers manual for instructions regarding their use, if the keyboard has no functionality at all it might just be that the contacts require cleaning it could also be a loose flex film cable and it may just need to be re-inserted into the connector on the motherboard, always try an external USB keyboard to check the keyboard controllers functionality first before dismantling the computer.

numbers lock

USB keyboard

Touch pad troubleshooting

Adjusting any of the touch pads settings is usually accessed through a system tray icon in Windows or available under the mouse icon in Control Panel if it still fails after adjusting the settings it's likely that the cable to the touchpad has come undone, it may also be disabled by a Fn function key, using compressed air might remove any dust and debris build up that may be causing problems with the touchpads operation. Finally, check the manufacturer's website to see if an updated driver is available.

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