History of JavaScript

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JavaScript and ECMA script, is the scripting language known for web application and access to objects in other programs, JavaScript was inspired by the SELF programming language but its roots are from the ECMA-262 script, Netscape's implementation of ECMA-262 script was originally developed by Brendan Eich (Mozilla's Chief Technology Officer) originally called Mocha and then Live script and then changed to JavaScript around the same time as Netscape navigator added support for JavaScript in 1995 ECMA is the standardised version of JavaScript which is loosely based on the C programming language, JavaScript is a trademark of Sun micro-systems.

JavaScript is used to enhance and energise the user's web browser experience and can work in tandem with other technologies such as HTML (Hypertext mark-up language), CSS (Cascading style sheets) it narrows the gap for web traffic responding to user input and interaction, dynamically modifying the web browser content, it can pre-process data on the client side before sending the data to the server.

Managing the navigation of multiple frames and you can write functions into HTML pages that interact with the DOM (Document Object Model) this describes HTML or XML documents in a object-orientation fashion allowing an API (Application Program Interface) for accessing and changing content, style and document structure to work with JavaScript enabled browsers like Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc.

JavaScript is not Java it's not an easier way to build Java applets both are loosely based on the C programming language but are way more different than similar they use totally different interpreters to execute code Java has an extensive language vocabulary its object oriented programming, JavaScript has a small vocabulary making it a much simpler and easier programming model, JavaScript is used for client sided scripting and is meant for much different applications then Java.

Some related scripting languages are Microsoft's VB script (Visual basic for Internet Explorer) also used for client sided web page scripting, Jscript is Microsoft compatible JavaScript for Internet Explorer, Action Script for Macromedia flash is similar, JavaScript OSA (JSOSA) for Macintosh Mac OSx which is similar to Microsoft's but offering more object orientation features, Adobe's Photoshop and Adobe's creative suit uses JavaScript.

A novice programmer can enhance web pages with a text editor and browser, JavaScript lets you create interactive interfaces, run simple data queries, validate forms, make data interactive, work with multiple frames, generate server-less CGI (Common Gateway Interfaces), offload busy servers, JavaScript cannot read or write files on client machines, except browser cookies; and you can't read or write on servers either, you can't close windows it didn't open or read information from other opened web pages from another server.

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