Administrative Tools

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Computer Management

Computer management is a good starting point to access events, user accounts, storage management and services to access Computer Management go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management


Event Viewer

The event viewer will show you application errors, security problems BSOD messages, if drivers loaded properly and give information of any errors that have occurred, a good place to start troubleshooting to access the Event Viewer go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer



Services can reveal dependencies between applications so one service can affect multiple applications, this is useful when troubleshooting the start-up process to access the services menu go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services


By right clicking on a service and selecting properties a menu opens up where you can change the way the service starts up, automatic (Delayed start), automatic, manual or disabled, the recovery section can be set to re-start after the first or second failure or to take no action, the dependencies section shows you what other dependencies the service has etc


Performance Monitor

To access the Performance Monitor go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Performance Monitor


You can use Windows Performance Monitor to examine how programs you run affect your computer's performance, both in real time and by collecting log data for later analysis

Windows Performance Monitor uses performance counters, event trace data, and configuration information, which can be combined into Data Collector Sets

Performance counters are measurements of system state or activity. They can be included in the operating system or can be part of individual applications. Windows Performance Monitor requests the current value of performance counters at specified time intervals

Event trace data is collected from trace providers, which are components of the operating system or of individual applications that report actions or events. Output from multiple trace providers can be combined into a trace session

Configuration information is collected from key values in the Windows registry. Windows Performance Monitor can record the value of a registry key at a specified time or interval as part of a log file

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