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Ubuntu Certification

Linux is the most important operating system on the Internet. It's recognized everywhere as the cost-effective way to operate all kinds of servers. With the support of powerhouses like IBM, Dell, HP, and Sun, demand for Linux servers is growing. Ubuntu has quickly become one of the most popular distribution among Linux users, and the Ubuntu Certified Professional is the credential for administrators who want to prove their skills with this distribution. This "how to" course by VTC author Mike Jang, uses practical examples to demonstrate the skills tested by the UCP exam. To begin learning, simply click the links.


Ubuntu Certified Professional Curriculum
System Requirements

Ubuntu Community

Ubuntu Releases & Derivatives
The Ubuntu Support Infrastructure
The Structure of Ubuntu Repositories
Seeds & Architectures
The Launchpad Platform
Ubuntu Community Support
Bugs & Solutions
Review of Terms

Installing Ubuntu Linux

Prepare to Install
The Graphical Installer
The Text Installer
Text Installation Partitioning
Additional Installation Highlights
Server Installation Highlights

Hardware & Power Management

Hardware Detection
SATA Disk Management
USB & Other Devices
Wireless Management
Modern Power Management
ACPI Files in the /proc/acpi Directory
More on ACPI Configuration
udev & Driver Manager

Package & Repository Management

The Repository Configuration File
Use the dpkg & alien Commands
Understand the apt- Commands
More on the apt- Commands
When to Use Security Updates
Update with Graphical Tools
Manage with Synaptic & More
The GNOME Application Manager
Create a Local Repository Mirror

Printer Management

Install CUPS - Add a Printer
Printer Management & Administrators
Printer Management Commands
An Overview of CUPS Configuration Files
Accepting & Rejecting Jobs
Manage Print Queues
Printer Logs

Localization & User Privileges

Set Up a Locale
Add Language Packs
The Administrative Sudo
Custom /etc/sudoers
Add More Users from the Command Line
Add More Users with users-admin

Upstart & Landscape Management

The Upstart Configuration Files pt. 1
The Upstart Configuration Files pt. 2
Upstart Control with initctl
Configure & Register on Landscape
What Landscape Sees

Network Interfaces

Current Network Interface Config pt. 1
Current Network Interface Config pt. 2
Configure a DHCP Client
Network Configuration Files
Network Management from the Command Line

Network Shares & File Systems

The NFS Kernel Server
Make Sure the NFS Server Works
Mount an NFS Share
Basic Samba Shares
The shares-admin Tool & NFS
The shares-admin Tool & Samba

The GNOME Desktop Environment

The GNOME gconf Configuration Tool
GNOME Configuration Files
GNOME Configuration Commands
Custom Panels/Menus/Icons & More
X Server Concepts & Configuration Files
X Server Configuration Commands
Manage Screen Resolution & Refresh Rates
Font Configuration Files & Commands
The GNOME Display Manager
Custom GNOME Login Options

Evolution & Desktop Searches

Review Email Protocols
Configure an Evolution Account
Integrate Evolution Exchange
Set Up an Evolution Email Filter
Configure the Tracker for Searches
More on the Tracker

About the UCP Exam

Different Question Formats
Computer vs. Paper & Pencil Tests

In Conclusion / Credits

Wrap Up
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