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jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, providing powerful functionality for everything from animation and interactivity to data-handling with JSON and AJAX. jQuery has set the standard to which all other JavaScript frameworks are compared. This VTC course will take you from the basics all the way through jQuery's most advanced features. You will create your own code through dozens of projects and even learn to create your own jQuery plugins. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


What This Course Will Cover
What You Will Need

Getting Started

Your First jQuery Script
Selecting Elements
Manipulating Elements
Getting Attributes
Handling Events

Creating a Form Field Highlighter Plugin

Setting Up for Plugin Development
Creating the HTML and CSS
Manipulating CSS with Mouse Events
Allowing Users to Customize

Beyond the Basics

Callback Functions
Chaining Commands
Animation pt. 1
Animation pt. 2
Ajax Basics
Binding and Namespaces
Live and Die
jQuery Utilities pt. 1
jQuery Utilities pt. 2
jQuery Utilities pt. 3
A Real World Example pt. 1
A Real World Example pt. 2

Creating a Menu Plugin

Traversing the DOM
Setting Up the Menu Plugin
The Menu CSS
Coding the Menu Plugin
Customizing the Menu Plugin

jQuery Validation Plugin

Installing jQuery Validation
Creating the Validation Form
Validation Rules
Validation Messages
Validation Options
Custom Validation Methods

The Fancybox Plugin

Introducing Fancybox
Animation Options
Gallery with Fancybox
Other Fancybox Examples
Other Popular Plugins pt. 1
Other Popular Plugins pt. 2


Browser History and JQuery
Introducing jQuery Address
Accessibility WAI-ARIA
Accessibility Section 508
Accessibility Tools
Accessible Plugins

Selectors in Detail

Sizzle Selector Engine
Selectors pt. 1
Selectors pt. 2
Selectors pt. 3
Selectors pt. 4

Handling Forms with AJAX

Creating the Contact Form
Processing the Contact Form
Validating the Contact Form
Processing the Response

jQuery Image Gallery

Introducing Codeigniter
Creating a Database
Creating the Data Models
Creating the Controller
Creating the View
Creating the Admin Form

Complete Guide to Manipulation

Manipulation pt. 1
Manipulation pt. 2
Manipulation pt. 3

jQuery UI Widgets and Utilities

jQuery UI Overview
UI Themes
Accordion Widget
Dialog Widget
Progress Bar
Button Widget
jQuery UI CSS Reference pt. 1
jQuery UI CSS Reference pt. 2
Themeroller in Action

jQuery UI Interactions and Effects

Drag and Drop
Color Transitions
Toggle/Switch Class
Add/Remove Class

jQuery Mobile

About jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile Components pt. 1
jQuery Mobile Components pt. 2
jQuery Mobile Theming
jQuery Mobile Events
jQuery Mobile Methods and Utilities
Configuring jQuery Mobile Defaults

Where to Go from Here

jQuery Resources
jQuery Tools
jQuery and Beyond


Course Wrap Up


About the Author

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jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

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