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This site was created for my studies on computer technologies, the aim is to provide connections to as much free study material as possible, I've tried to find the best material that I could find on the various subjects involved in studying computer technologies, to create a study site, where you can come on-line and find articles, instructional videos, and websites of interest. I hope Computer Studies achieves this aim.

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The hope is that the computer studies web site will aid others wishing to learn about computers and assist in making studying computer technologies freely available to those with limited resources, I've tried to link to what I think are quality tutorials and hopefully make it easier for those who visit this site to access good educational articles and videos to learn about the various aspects involved in studying computers and the various technologies involved.

So I hope you find the material provided to be beneficial to your own learning process and that this site provides some of the answers to your questions about computers, I would also like to add my appreciation to the various authors and publishers of this material, It has cost them time and money to create these books, videos and tutorials and it is their business to make money from selling these products related to computer studies.

These study notes have been compiled from various resources from the internet or from books and are not a replacement for completing a course. This is a study aid to assist those who have completed an accredited course and are preparing for the exam. I trust that those of you who can afford to buy these products will also make purchases.

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The various pages are developing as articles about the various topics involved in computer technologies, and as work is still in the progress stage of putting together this study site changes will be made to the layout of the pages, I hope that my own study notes you will also find beneficial to your studies.

The overall idea behind the spirit of this web site is to Help each other to reach our objectives

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